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Dj7Teen DJ Seventeen

My Music on Spotify...

My debut E.P. Was split into 2 releases, one was a ‘general Release, the other a Limited edition release’ which is the only release in its entirety as a DJ Seventeen release thats on Spotify  for streaming other than that its collaborative mixes especially produced for inclusion on Dj CoolHandDuke’s E.P. That is on Spotify. Click on arrow to be directed to it…

I’m a New York Girl & Proud of it!

  • Started Age 15
  • For past 7 years I’ve been honing my craft… Music is my love, my friend and confessor!
  • My social Media following has taken Years of hard work and meticulous interaction. Social Media is a necessity in the Modern World of Music & entertainment

ABOUT ME... Past, Present & the Future...

Where to begin…

Well , I am a New York Girl, edgy, introspective - extrovert, shy sometimes, creative and always had a love for sport and music. I used to play soccer until 8th grade. I really loved soccer and I was a good Player, destined for bigger things until one fateful day I slipped in some water injuring myself putting my Ankle out of Joint and tearing some important ligaments in my leg. A chiropractor straighten my leg (it hurt big time because it was turned backwards at the time of injury for over a month!) . So since then I have been unable to pursue my Soccer ambitions. I now wear ‘hightops’ on both legs, tightly rigged on my left ankle and loose tied on my right. So as to hold my ankle in place and ensure my gate was not affected too much when walking as it healed.

So at age 15 my thoughts turned more towards Music, that was the age when i discovered music and deejaying. I regularly started to visit a former friends basement where he had his small dj console with lights and sound system going there everyday after school to play around on it. I eventually got my own equipment and began djing on my own. My DJ name  7teen (pronounced seventeen) is nothing to do with my actual age but is is a personal coming of age thing, where life profoundly changed for me. Its a time when I started to mature but at the same time i was a young dumb teenager that thought i could do anything. Who doesn't though? Its the age where u do the dumbest things but make the best memories. Plus its just before u turn a legal  Young Adult… A time when I became more musically aware

Music is everything to me. To be able to create music, produce music, mix music live, and have people give me such a great response gives me great pleasure, better than any drug and it also motivates me to create more in turn.In my humble opinion, Music is the ultimate language everyone knows and understands. Its the one thing that unites this world as a whole. That's my goal. To unite people as one through music, even if we have different tastes. Exploration of different styles of music opens the mind, you become more receptive to new ideas. I don't make just EDM. I make whatever i feel like making that comes into my head and appeals to me. In my opinion the best part about music is that you don't just listen to it, you feel it. It helps you heal. Music. Is not a passion. Its my best friend. It will always be with me wherever I go. Music helps me get through my hard times, celebrate the good times, and send the message to the world that we are all the same in the end.

Two E.P’s released  via Indie UK label Damo Funk Productions, with more in the pipeline for the Autumn. Looking to collaborate with a Singer/Songwriter online in the autumn too. I intend to travel and get some DJ and DJ  Event with Supporting partners Artistes Known as Us  here in the in The U.S. Starting in my beloved New York, In London, the Midlands The East Coast & North  West as well as some dates in Dublin, Belfast, Glasgow, Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Wales and eventually one day, the rest of thee world! this is part of my 3 year Plan of which I am into year 1 now 2018. but Music diploma and other academic matters have also to be fulfilled too... Gotta have a back up plan eh!

Keep up to date on what I’m up to musically here on my website or with my UK Cousins Artistes Known As Us & DJ CoolHanduke… The Future is bright, with more releases scheduled 2018/19!